Cake Flavour Guide

Our flavours are carefully crafted and inspired by our pastry training in Paris, France.

If you'd like to try our flavours in advance of booking, we also offer a take-home tasting box that can be ordered for pickup with 4-days' notice. 

Luxury Cake Flavours 

MADAGASCAR VANILLA BEAN || signature vanilla cake, Tahitian vanilla bean crème anglaise

Inspiration || For our take on this classic flavour, we combine Nielsen Massey fairtrade vanilla beans with a touch of clove to create a smooth and velvety buttercream, layered between an incredibly moist vanilla cake. This sustainably-sourced flavour will make you feel as good as the product tastes. Vanilla lovers rejoice - this one's for you!

CHOCOLATE SALTED CARAMEL || signature chocolate cake, 64% cacao chocolate ganache, salted butter caramel

Inspiration || This flavour is a winning combination of a decadent chocolate cake, velvety ganache frosting (sustainably-sourced Valrhona), and a delightfully delicious layer of salted caramel, made in-house. This is a fan favourite by chocolate lovers far and wide! 

PISTACHIO & RASPBERRY || vanilla almond cake, pistachio ganache, fresh raspberry compote

Inspiration || This flavour was inspired by one of our favourite macaron shops in Paris, which combines almond macaron shells with a pistachio and raspberry filling. The earthy notes of the pistachio pair perfectly with the tartness of the raspberry. This flavour is both an elegant and unique option for any event. 

Fun fact: We learned how to make the pistachio filling used in this recipe during our pastry training in Paris!

PISTACHIO & ROSE || vanilla cake, rosewater syrup, pistachio buttercream

Inspiration || This flavour originated from our Middle Eastern roots, where the combination of pistachio and rose is found in every luxury dessert item. We use rosewater syrup and locally sourced pistachio paste to create a luxurious flavour. The positive response to this unique flavor has earned it a permanent spot on our menu.

LONDON FOG || vanilla earl grey cake, earl grey buttercream, salted caramel 

Inspiration || Our original version of this flavour quickly became a hit due to the creaminess of the earl grey perfectly pairing with hints of vanilla and caramel. We recently modified this recipe to deepen the earl grey and vanilla notes, providing for a perfect blend of comforting flavours. If you love yourself a classic tea latte, this is the one to try!

ROASTED BERRIES & SWEET CREAM || vanilla cake, vanilla ganache, roasted berry compote

Inspiration || This flavour was inspired by the classic strawberries and cream cake -- a family favourite! We balance a vanilla ganache filling with the acidity of a raspberry, blackberry, and blackcurrant compote, both made in-house. 

MATCHA & WHITE CHOCOLATE || vanilla cake, matcha white chocolate buttercream, black sesame crunch

Inspiration || This flavour is inspired by Parisian Michelin star chef Ann-Sophie Pic, who balances Asian flavours with French flair. We pair bitter notes of matcha with the sweetness of Belgian white chocolate, finished off with black sesame crunch to create a winning combination.

YUZU BERRY || signature vanilla cake, yuzu cream, balsamic strawberry compote

Inspiration || Also inspired by Ann-Sophie Pic, this Japanese-inspired flavour is perfect for citrus lovers. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that tastes like a cross between lime, lemon, and grapefruit. The acidity of these prized fruits pairs beautifully with the sweetness of strawberries, finished off with a touch of aged balsamic vinegar for a bright and harmonious blend of flavours.


PASSIONFRUIT COFFEE || vanilla passionfruit cake, passionfruit curd, espresso-cacao ganache

Inspiration || This cake is a flavour trio of passionfruit, chocolate, and coffee -- although this sounds like a unique combination, it's a popular pick found in many pastry chef kitchens. This is an ideal option for more adventurous taste buds!

DARK CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY || vanilla cake, 64% cacao chocolate ganache, raspberry compote

 Inspiration || This flavour is inspired by the classic combination of raspberry and chocolate, which we first tried in the form of a macaron in France. The tartness of the raspberry perfectly pairs with the sweetness of a white chocolate ganache, making it a perfect pick for berry lovers. 


CHOCOLATE CHESTNUT RUM || vanilla cake, 72% cacao chocolate ganache, chestnut rum cream

Inspiration || This flavour is inspired by the famous Parisian patisserie "Maison du Chocolat", which makes these incredible chestnut rum eclairs. We came up with the idea of recreating this flavour profile in the form of a cake by pairing Valrhona chocolate with a chestnut rum cream. It is a classically stunning combination of flavours that also bring feelings of comfort and coziness.


FERRERO ROCHER || hazelnut cake, chocolate-hazelnut ganache, 50% cacao buttercream, feuilletine crunch

Inspiration || This flavour brings back childhood memories of having Nutella sandwiches at the breakfast table. It is a true classic combination of nuts and chocolate, where we hand-crush our hazelnuts and layer them between a rich and decadent hazelnut-chocolate filling. The layers are finished with a sprinkle of feuilletine to provide a little extra crunch.

Our Buttercream

We use a luxurious and creamy swiss meringue buttercream for all our cakes. Our recipe has much lower sugar and butter content than other buttercreams (e.g. American buttercream), leading to cakes with a lower sweetness content to enhance flavours.

Our Ingredients

We support ethically-sourced products from the following brands: 

Vanilla || Neilsen Massey ethically sourced, fair trade vanilla beans 

Chocolate || Barry Callebaut and Valrhona sustainably-sourced chocolates

Coffee || Starbucks® coffee, verified as 99% ethically sourced

Butters, jams, and honey || Locally sourced from BIPOC-owned small businesses, which supports our local community while reducing our carbon footprint

Eggs and produce || sourced from local farmers wherever possible to also support our local community and reduce our carbon footprint  

Dietary Restrictions

Nut-free: We offer a number of flavours that do not contain nuts. However, keep in mind that we are not a nut-free facility.

Dairy-free: We also offer dairy-free options. If you require your cake to be dairy free, please specify this in the "additional notes" in your cart.

Vegan: We currently only offer vegan options as part of our casual collection. To inquire for a vegan cake, please contact us prior to placing an order. We do not currently offer vegan cakes for our luxury collection, as it will take some time to develop one that meets our quality standards.

Seasonal: We also offer occasional seasonal flavours. Follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date with all our latest offerings!