Cake Flavours

Our desserts combine familiar flavours with professional techniques, which are elevated using specialty ingredients.

MADAGASCAR VANILLA BEAN || vanilla cake, vanilla bean crème anglaise
CHOCOLATE SALTED CARAMEL || chocolate cake, 64% cacao ganache, salted caramel
ROASTED BERRIES & SWEET CREAM || vanilla cake, dulce ganache, roasted berry compote
PISTACHIO & ROSE || vanilla cake, rosewater syrup, pistachio cream
TIRAMISU || almond cake, coffee soak, mascarpone
LONDON FOG || earl grey cake, earl grey cream, salted caramel
MATCHA WHITE CHOCOLATE || matcha cake, matcha cream, ivoire ganache
RASPBERRY & WHITE CHOCOLATE || white chocolate cake, ivoire ganache, raspberry compote

Off-Menu Flavours

The below flavours are also available upon request. Off-menu flavours are not available as part of our monthly tasting box.

FERRERO ROCHER || chocolate cake, 50% cacao ganache, hazelnut praline
RED VELVET || red velvet cake, soft-baked cheesecake, 33% cacao ganache
CRÈME BRÛLÉE || vanilla cake, crème anglaise, salted caramel shards
DULCE & BANANA || banana brûlée cake, dulce de leche, gold waferettes
PASSIONFRUIT CHOCOLATE || chocolate-chip cake, passionfruit curd, 64% cacao ganache
RASPBERRY & DARK CHOCOLATE || chocolate cake, 64% cacao ganache, raspberry compote
BISCOFF HAZELNUT || hazelnut cake, biscoff cream, hazelnut praline
STRAWBERRY LEMON || strawberry cake, yuzu ganache, strawberry compote

Seasonal Flavours

The below flavours are available on a rotating seasonal basis upon request.

PUMPKIN SPICE || pumpkin cake, brown butter cheesecake, spiced ganache
MINT COOKIE || chocolate chip cake, mint cheesecake, cookie buttercream
APPLE PIE || brown butter cake, vanilla cheesecake, apple pie filling

Our Buttercream

We use a luxurious swiss meringue buttercream for all our cakes. Our recipe has much lower sugar and butter content than other buttercreams (e.g. American buttercream), leading to cakes with a lower sweetness content to enhance flavours.

Dietary Restrictions

Nut-free: We offer a number of flavours that do not contain nuts. However, please keep in mind that we are not a nut-free facility.

Dairy-free/Vegan: We offer limited dairy-free and vegan options. Please contact us to inquire. 

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