Our Story

Devuyst Desserts is on a mission to provide clients with luxury cakes handcrafted with care using ethically-sourced ingredients. We are designed as a home-based studio to maintain fair and affordable pricing for our clients.

Our brand started after we recognized a market gap in the availability of easily-accessible, beautiful cake designs, made with sustainability in mind. Every cake shop available either required a lengthy or complicated ordering process (such as through phone or email inquiries), or were easily accessible at local markets but lacked that luxury feel. This is what led Devuyst Desserts to be born.

As a Master's graduate in Public Policy, Mariya was very attuned to the surprising lack of sustainability in the food industry, and how various baking ingredients were unethically sourced. This prompted her to refine her wedding cake knowledge and combine her love for baking with her passion in making a positive impact. This is the heart of our company – it's not only about providing beautiful designs for clients to celebrate their special moments, but it's also about that bigger picture of raising the standard to make a difference in our community.

Thank you for being a part of this important journey!